$89 Standard
  • Website environment analysis
  • Scanning using multiple tools
  • Basic manual investigation
  • Clear report

Some facts about our service

Quick indication of most visible security issues


We believe you don't want irritating examination of your profile upon contract agreement. Likewise you don't need scrupulous and long-lasting vulnerability assessment followed by a pile of reports.

Fast, smart and lean businesses simply need to know the answer to the question: is our website secure and if not – what should we do to make it secure.

And nothing more.

Security test with multiple tools

Multiple tools

Our service is not automated. It is run and controlled by humans.

We always do a manual website inspection and then test it with several website security tools chosen based on the inspection results. Afterwards we scan it for severe critical issues using our own scripts and techniques.

Finally we check website’s status at various security related internet services.

Good price/value ratio

Price value ratio

We know that when it comes to budgets sometimes decision has to be made between "OK, let's order this expensive service" and "no, we don't have money for this".

We want to offer an additional choice.

It's always better to identify the most visible and most critical vulnerabilities at a decent price rather than NOT to pay big money for vast assessment and therefore NOT to know about ANY vulnerability.

Fixing recommendations


Fixing the issues is a difficult task. However, the first step is always the same – to really understand the issue.

Our Advanced service comes with recommendation section. This is especially helpful for less experienced or less tech-savvy people.

It's almost the matter of art to provide just enough details. That means - no trivial recommendations, no ambiguous suggestions, less noise and more clarity. That's what we look for in our reports.

Understandable reporting


Reports are designed to have a call-to-action feeling.

We don't try to impress you with number of pages. We skip large chunks of useless data, non-important issues and other mess.

We concentrate on giving you the details of what is actually wrong on your website and how it could be improved.

For you this is the most important part.

Suitable for small budgets


Our goal is to provide website security testing service to everyone. Yes, everyone. Even for small non-profit website owner who doesn't want to buy expensive vulnerability assessment.

Seeing so many websites with stupid errors, overlooked security holes and easy-detectable vulnerabilities it's clear that such service is a must.

At least as a first and urgent measure.

Got some questions?

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A minute of thought

Web applications penetration testing generally costs thousands of dollars. The result is thick report full of useless data. No one actually reads it.

We think you want none of that.

We believe that simple and fast website security assessment with clear call-to-action report should be affordable for any website owner.

By combining personal experience and state-of-the-art web security scanning tools and techniques we inspect your site and reveal its vulnerabilities and security flaws.

Then it's time to fix them.

Which plan should I choose?
The major difference is the amount of time we spend on your website. Advanced service includes much closer look, deeper manual investigation, and also provides recommendations.
In most circumstances website owners just want to be aware that there are no most common security holes or most obvious security breaches. No matter which plan you choose, in most cases we will identify those issues.
Generally, Standard is good as a first time security checking, but if you need additional level of confidence we would recommend Advanced.
How long will it take to get the report?
This is not purely automated testing service. There is a lot of human work involved, including auditing, analyzing, writing the report. Hence it could take some time to complete. Based on the queue it could take shorter or longer, but usually it takes from 3 to 5 days to complete website auditing and to provide the report.
How could this service be so relatively inexpensive?
That's the whole idea. Some of us have been using small private websites for a long time. We learned how hard it is to check their security and how much unnecessary information one needs to know.
We believe that simple website vulnerability assessment and security test should be affordable for anyone having a website. So we just concentrate on this.
That means we concentrate on identifying the most visible, most obvious and most overlooked security issues and vulnerabilities. This includes both server configuration and web application. We generally don’t do some tests like business logic flaws testing, as it takes a lot of effort and time (and is considerably expensive).
There are some other things as well – we simplified our ordering process, we have some queuing, and we don't provide phone support. Most clients don't need that anyway!
I want my website to be tested periodically?
Great, that's a very clever decision. Websites are not static. They are updated, they have bugs fixed and they have features introduced.
We can do monthly, quarterly or any other type of periodic scanning. Just contact us for special prices and more details.
Can I get multiple sites discount?
Of course. If you have more than one website, please contact us to get special prices.
I still have more questions.
Perfect :) Just drop us an email by filling a quick web form and we'll be glad to answer all your questions.